OOliba is the partner for insurance companies when it comes to risk modelling and management.  The OOliba sofware is specifically designed to swiftly screen and control Life, Non-Life and Health risks throughout the organisation and meet the Solvency II requirements.

The software, designed by insurance industry experts, models risk by managing data and processes.  It is easily used on all levels within the insurance company, from actuaries, over risk managers up to the executive management, thanks to the user-friendly interface and avid reporting tool. The OOliba software enables easy creation of complex models and swift reporting for any specific business need, meeting all auditability and traceability requirements of Solvency II as well.

OOliba knows that people are the key to high-quality ICT solutions.  Therefore we focus on excellent communication with our customers and to translate their business needs into transparent and user-friendly ICT solutions.  We start from a Standard Formula and then mould it to the specific business requirements of our customer; a cost-effective way to an efficient risk solution.  And we provide support & training for all key-people involved throughout the project and after.